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What A Girl Wants


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These fluffy 3D Mink Eyelashes are the perfect addition to your makeup collection. With a feathered cat eye effect. These lashes create a Hybrid Lash Extension look, at the convenience of a strip lash. 

WAGW Eyelashes can last up to 10 uses with the right aftercare.

After removing your lashes, remove any makeup or glue left on the lash band, and store back in their box, ready for their next use!


Application of Eyelashes and SupaGlu.

  1. Measure the length of the Eyelash Band up to your natural eye, and remove any excess length.
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue to the eyelash band,
  3. Wait 30-45 seconds for the glue to become tacky on the band,
  4. Whilst waiting for the glue, apply a coat of mascara to you eyelashes. This creates a natural curl in your own lashes, for the false eyelashes to blend into, revealing a natural extension effect,
  5. Once the glue is tacky, apply the lash band as close as possible to your natural lash line, and secure by pressing the band.


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